Throwback Thursday

March 27, 2014 Events  No comments

OLD SCHOOL! We believe this to be very early ‘80’s?
• Full crew of eight responding. (Two in the front seat, two in the buckets and four on the back step) Can’t tell in this picture but it could be nine if there was a third person in the front seat, which was often the case.
• It’s definitely Engine 3 (later E16-13) that we purchased from Takoma Park, MD because it has the after-market “Mattydale” compartment.
• Probably March because there is snow on the ground and Easter candy is being advertised!
• The firefighter on the rear-step (far left) in the yellow bunker pants (#71) is Ron Dugan. Next to him (#72) is Doug “Pele” Hanson. If those two are riding the back step and not officers, it has to be early ‘80’s!
• The firefighter in the street-side bucket (#47) is Bobby Dugan.

This was very typical in the early 80’s to get full crews on all the rigs. If 16-13 was full it was most likely an auto fire, mutual aid or the second Engine out of Station 1. Usually Bob Race was the OIC and madman Billy Price was driving.

Thanks to Bob Lemmert who not only sent the picture but took it. Growing up where he did, he and his family had a front row seat to this on every call!

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