New Command Unit Placed In Service

July 28, 2023 Events  No comments

The Frostburg Fire Department (FFD) has placed into service a new Command Unit, which serves as the department’s Fire Chief’s command platform; referred to as a “Buggy.”  The 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe SSV 4WD replaces a 2007 Tahoe, which served 11 Fire Chiefs over 16 years.  The new Buggy has the latest FFD paint/graphic package (red over black over red), which was incorporated in 2019 with our newest Pumper.  

A new upgrade to this unit is the Gear Clear Venting System that is integrated into the rear Command Box.  By storing gear and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) in this sealed storage cabinet, it keeps vehicle occupants safe from carcinogens and contaminants by actively and continuously pulling in fresh cabin air from inside the vehicle and forcing the contaminated air outside of the vehicle.

An additional new upgrade is the HAAS Alert system, which, when apparatus emergency lights are activated, approaching vehicles receive real-time digital alerts to slow down and move over. These are delivered via apps, navigation systems, or mobile devices to drivers up to 30 seconds in advance and reduce the risk of a secondary collision.

Command Unit 16 is equipped with:
·         SSV package w/ heavy-duty component upgrades
·         Rear Command Box w/ Gear Clear Venting System for PPE/SCBA
·         Whelen electronic lighting/audio package w/ CenCom Core WCX control center
·         Liberty II light bar w/ integrated Opticom traffic emitter, traffic advisor, and green Incident Command (IC) lights
·         Howler 200 amp, two-speaker siren amplifier system
·         Arges Profocus remote controlled, roof-mounted spot light
·         Driver’s Side A-Post LED spotlight
·         Multiple front and rear-mounted Motorola/Kenwood radios
·         David Clark headset system
·         Apple iPad Pro w/ sliding docking station
·         KnoxBox KeySecure 5
·         KnoxBox 3200
·         Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) bag
·         Mustang swift water rescue vest
·         Water rescue rope throw bag (75’)
·         Scott 4500 SCBA pack
·         EMS Bags
·         Two (2) 5lb ABC fire extinguishers
·         Set of Irons and various small hand tools
·         Portable handheld spotlight
·         Map/site plan books and command boards
·         Traffic control items; cones, road flares, and eFlares
Thanks to all those vendors involved in this project:
Weimer Chevrolet - Cumberland, MD  
Hertrich Fleet Services, Inc. - Milford, DE
Commercial Graphics & Signage - Frostburg, MD
G-Technologies, Inc. (formerly Ganoe’s) - Augusta, WV
East Coast Emergency Lighting, Inc. - Somerset, PA
Fleet Reps, LLC. - Yeagertown, PA
Rockland Custom Products - Myrtle Beach, SC
Florian ReApparatus, LLC. - Ocean, NJ

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