Training at Price Station

October 31, 2015 Events  One comment

While Chief Hanson was teaching some basics to new member, Probationary Firefighter, Roger Wilcox, one of the neighborhood kids stopped by to try his hand at fire attack w/ FF Joe Persichetti. Future FFD member?


One comment to Training at Price Station

  • Thomas Massey says:

    My dad was a paramedic and a fireman in oc and it is my dream to be a firefighter. I’m 15 years old and I want to become a firefighter and I have good grades And in School and I want to work with you guys at the fire station. I attend the Jefferson School in Cumberland and must disclose I have autism but it does not hold me back from anything and if nothing else I am more driven and a harder worker too prove myself. My step dad (Justin Henderson) passed away last year but had several friends in the department and they all talked about how great your company is.
    Thank you,
    Thomas Massey

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