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The FFD Needs Your Help!

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The FFD needs your help!

After 28 years of front line service to the citizens of Frostburg, the FFD will be retiring our 1988 fire engine. This critical piece of equipment has long since exceeded it's expected life cycle.

Constructed before the days of 3-point seatbelts or airbags, the continued use of this apparatus puts our firefighters in greater danger. Increased maintenance costs have put a burden on the department, and the fire engine's manual transmission restricts the number of operators that can drive the apparatus.

The FFD has spent the past year diligently researching and developing specifications for a new pumper to best serve the community while keeping our firefighters safe. Although this engine will be a no-frills design, modern technology and safety features

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10:24 #030338 BUSINESS FIRE CORTS PE CENTER FSU @*101 BRADDOCK RD* BOX:F1609 DUE:E162 E171 E181 GCE81 E152 TR16 TR2 QR8 SQ16 A364

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