Length of Service Anniversary

October 22, 2016 Events  No comments

emory-lancasterPlease help us congratulate Emory Lancaster on his “Length of Service” anniversary.

Emory joined this great organization on October 22, 1957 and throughout the years he has performed thousands of man hours of training and service in an effort to continue the rich traditions of the FFD.

Emory is currently the longest serving member of the department by 3 years. Other 50+ year members include: Jimmy Dale Williams (56), Sam McCulloh (55), Pete Davis (54) and John Rowe (50).

He continues to serve the department on a regular basis with all locksmith duties

The department uniform committee is busy designing a “60 Year” ribbon for next year since none has every been issued.

On behalf of the entire Department and the citizens of Frostburg and surrounding areas, thank you and happy 59th!!


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