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20:12 #047424 BUSINESS FIRE *197 BOWERY ST EXT* BOX:F1616 DUE:E162 E171 E181 GCE81 E152 TR16 TR2 A515

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Steve Pope

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It is with deep regret that we announce the sad news of our friend Steve Pope passing away. Steve's illness came on suddenly in July which surprised all who knew him. Sadly the cancer spread quickly and he was unable to recover.

Below, is a brief overview of how the FFD and I became friends with Steve and recipients of a piece of our heritage.

The Frostburg Fire Department was organized in 1875 following a devastating fire that burned half of the downtown business district to include 40 buildings. Officially, the Frostburg Fire Department, No. 1 (FFD) was chartered on March 18, 1878. The department at one time had four fire houses around the town, which housed seven hand-drawn hose reels. Following the purchase of our first few motorized apparatus in 1916 and 1922, the hand reels

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