Phi Mu Delta (ΦΜΔ) helps FFD & City

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In Frostburg, during the winter months, the issue of buried fire hydrants is cause for lack of sleep for the local fire chief.  “When we receive any significant amount of snow, with nearly 500 hydrants in our first due area of responsibility, it’s a struggle to keep them cleared.” said Frostburg Fire Department (FFD), Fire Chief Matt McMorran.  “If a hydrant is buried upon our arrival, crews must take time to shovel out a path to and around the hydrant, to connect supply lines.  If there is a fire, that effort takes away from firefighting and possible life saving efforts.”

With that many hydrants in the FFD’s first due area of responsibility, the task is overwhelming for the volunteer firefighters and city employees.  While the FFD, as well as the City of Frostburg, consistently post social media reminders asking businesses and citizens to please help, many go untouched.

However, after seeing a recent FFD Facebook posts requesting assistance, Black Bear property manager, Rob Thompson, reached out to some of his tenants.  Immediately answering the call were members of the fraternity.
Several members borrowed shovels and cleared more than 30 hydrants on Center, Maple, Water, Wood, and Spring Streets as well as College Avenue.

Chief, Matt McMorran met the group to personally thank them and said, “I am extremely impressed with these young men for assisting the department and the citizens of Frostburg and can’t thank them enough. “These efforts help protect both locals and students living in and around the Frostburg State University (FSU) campus.”

Last year, 100 shovels were donated to the FFD to support their “Adopt-A-Hydrant” program and McMorran said there are plenty left.  If you are interested in adopting a hydrant or two in your neighborhood, please contact the FFD at

Shown with Chief McMorran at a hydrant at Spring Street and College Avenue are (L to R) Yannick Dorn, Javon Blackmon and Mikey Greene.

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