On This Day in FFD History

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Reprinted from The Evening Times, Cumberland, MD – Saturday, June 3, 1911

(Spelling and grammar left as printed)

Eckhart. Md. The shrill shriek of whistles at about 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon aroused the people to turn out and fight fire. The oil house at Mine No. 4 of the Consolidation Coal Company containing many barrels of oil, caught fire from sparks from the boilers.

The oil being a very inflammable fluid and as most of the woodwork of the house was well greased, the fire spread quickly.
As soon as it was recognized a bucket brigade was organized, which did good work. In the meantime connections with the C. & P. R. R. shops, hose line was being made. The fire fighters endangered their lives in putting out the fire, as the barrels of oil were liable to explode at any moment. Just when the hose was being turned on it, and many were advising the summoning of the Frostburg fire company, the bucket brigade succeeded in getting the fire under control. It was well doused with water from the buckets and put out. The fire licked up the walls, etc. and would have spread rapidly, endangering thousands of dollars worth of valuable machinery in the adjoining buildings if it had not been for the prompt work of the foreman and his assistants.

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