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FFD Annual Yearly Banquet

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The annual FFD awards banquet, celebrating the department’s 138th anniversary was held Saturday night. Attended by more than 120 people that included numerous State, County and City officials and neighboring Fire Chief’s

Great job by the banquet committee and to all that helped.

The evening’s top honor went to 2015 Fire Chief, Doug Hanson for his contributions last year. The FOY selection committee was comprised of last year’s recipient, Todd Logsdon, 2013 awardees Dale Bladen and Matt McMorran and Gary Tummino from 2012.

The Fire Chief’s award, presented by 2015 Fire Chief, Doug Hanson, was awarded to three recipients; Bill Price, Joe Hoffman and Matt McMorran.

The President’s award presented by last year’s President, Ron Dugan was awarded to Todd Logsdon. Todd was out of

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