On This Day in FFD History

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13498113_1423943117631536_1569822757538001264_oON THIS DAY IN FFD HISTORY

Reprinted from the Hagerstown Daily Mail Newspaper – June 26, 1936


Thomas S. Preston, 85, Of Frostburg, Kept At Home By Illness.
There is one member of the Frostburg Fire Department missing this year’s annual Maryland State Firemen’s Association, which is winding up its three-day meeting here. He is Thomas S. Preston, the oldest volunteer fireman in Western Maryland and the only remaining charter member of the Frostburg company.

Mr. Preston’s absence is due to illness, much to the regret of his fellow firemen and those who have seen his familiar figure at previous conventions.

Mr. Preston, who is 85, has been a member of the Frostburg company for 58 years. He was a member before the company was chartered on March 18, 1878, making his membership actually cover a period of 61 years. This record probably is not equaled or excelled in the State.

John T. Hart, another venerable member of the Frostburg company, said while Mr. Preston was unable to attend this convention in the flesh, he is here wholly in the spirit of the occasion

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