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Last October, during FSU homecoming, the FFD was invited by Giuseppe’s owners Mark & Laura Witt, to conduct a fundraiser by serving Mac Smith’s (late owner of the Pour House) famous Blue Dart libation. The evening was a huge success.

When things were winding down and I was sitting on the “other” side of the bar, a gentlemen approached me, identified himself as Paul Reutershan, FSU alumnus and founder of the “Fifty Shades of Frostburg” Facebook group. I recognized him from my days many years ago when I was patronizing the local ‘burg water holes but that was about the extent of my recollection. And I had heard of the group but had no idea there were +8000 members.

He asked about details of our event and I explained we were in need of a new engine. He said he wanted to do something for the FFD, asked for my business card and said he would be in touch. Okay? Nice guy, maybe I hear from him, maybe not?

A few weeks later, I get an email from Paul saying he hadn’t forgotten about us and he had something in the works. Okay?

A month later, the next email says he’s flying in from Florida and going to conduct a fundraiser for the FFD; in Columbia, MD. He said he was guaranteeing $1,500 and maybe a little more. Okay?

I watched the excitement grow on the FSOF Facebook page and 100 tickets selling out in days. Paul expanded the event, advertises another 50 tickets and they too sell out.

How he did it I’m not sure but Paul and 150 FSOF members raised $2,300 for the FFD and sent us a check. Paul is truly all about Frostburg and strengthening the bonds between locals and students and making it one community.

Not sure what to say other than THANK YOU Paul and to all that supported the cause!


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