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14:21 #055306 ACCIDENT PI BURGER KING @*6 HAMPTON INN DR* BOX:F1615 DUE:E162 SQ16 A355

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From The City of Frostburg

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From the City of Frostburg

Great Allegheny Passage - Construction Alert!

At mile marker 10 (near Woodcock Hollow) construction is underway to stabilize the area affected by the landslide earlier this year. All bike & pedestrian traffic will need to exercise caution and walk their bike around the construction area (i.e. between the track rails). The area will be fenced off and barricades will be placed at the east and west ends of the site. Detour signs will be placed on the barricades indicating a right and left detour respectively.

Construction equipment will be utilizing the trail from the Woodcock Hollow trail head to the construction site. The heavy equipment will impact the trail and most likely kick larger stone onto the trail. All riders must be aware of the

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