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On This Day in FFD History

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This is a fire that we have never published before. It is a LENGHTY read but enjoyable.

On This Day in FFD/Frostburg History (Friday, January 7, 1927) the St. Cloud Hotel and Lemmert’s Garage Burned and Many Cars Destroyed.

Reprinted from the Cumberland Times, Thursday, January 13, 1927

It is estimated that the loss caused by fire which destroyed the St. Cloud Hotel and Lemmert’s Garage, at Frostburg, Md., last Friday morning, will amount to $110,000. Nearly half of this loss was in valuable motor cars and their contents, all of which were completely destroyed by the flames.

Fire Started in Garage
The fire originated somewhere beneath Lemmert’s Garage in the rear. Conrad Weibrecht, a night watchman at the Consolidation Coal

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